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Fertility Webinar Event

Tue 11 August, 2020

To celebrate the launch of our new Fertility panels, Femme Fertility and Man Fertility we are thrilled to announce a special 2-part webinar series with leading fertility and health expert Yuwa Aghedo. In the series Yuwa will share how FunctionalDX testing is key to assisting the optimisation of whole-body health to improve conception.

Each webinar during this 2-part event, across 11th and 12th August, will be 45mins long plus Q&A time.

As fertility levels continue to fall in the UK more people than ever are seeking assistance for help with preparation for conception and ensuring their health status can be optimised.

Pre-conception health care and assessment is incredibly powerful, and essential for successful conception and after birth care. It is the pinnacle of preventative medicine; not only to underpin the improvement to the current health of the individual, but it also positively influences the health of future generations.

Consider the ease of using one test to open up a conversation about whole body health for your clients who are either actively trying, or open to, conceive.

Join us as we demonstrate how the BRAND NEW FertilityDX tests can help to explore hormonal and systemic health for potential parents-to-be.